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VERSI SETIA - Di Sana Menanti Di Sini Menunggu - Ukays.m4v [BETTER]

Nota The song was featured on a soundtrack on the TV program "Ratu FM", hosted by Siswanto  . References External links Official Website Category:2005 songs Category:Songs written by Alex Clare Category:Sony Music singles Category:Music videos directed by Josh GilbertWatch out, it’s dark outside: The Swedish artist and director Ivan Orav is responsible for the installation Darklight, which has been shown for the first time at the “Cannes Neon” festival in France. The piece consists of three black-and-white projections that show disturbing images of war and violence on the streets of Stockholm. “I have to agree with the demonstrators: dark nights are the best,” Orav said. “When the last street light has been extinguished and the darkness has been purged from the city, that is when we see the dark lurking underneath.” Meanwhile, the artist says he can’t understand what people are talking about when they talk about light pollution. “Do you actually see the stars in the sky? Do you see the Milky Way?” he said. “You have to look upwards, look for it in the darkest corner of the sky. That is how you can really see it.” Orav said that he usually picks his locations on the advice of his assistants. “I have no favorite place. I just have to find a place where I am very comfortable being there. I try to be there at about 1am and I usually go there for two hours,” he said. Orav uses a black-and-white screen and dons a protective mask. “I wear a simple visor because if you look at the screen from a different angle than it is projected, the image might come into your face. This is why I wear the visor,” he explained. The idea for the project came to him after a series of visits to Latin America. “I traveled to different countries with the idea that I wanted to do a sort of a mirror project, to make the world invisible. But I only got as far as Latin America,” Orav said. “I came back from one of my trips to Latin America and I wanted to install myself in a really dark place,” be359ba680

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